Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microworkers?

WorkedBD is an innovative, International online platform that connects Employers and Workers from around the world. Our unique approach guarantees Employers that a task paid is a task successfully done, while Workers that successfully complete a job get paid.

Who are the Employers?

Anyone can be an Employer. If you own an online business, a blog, a video channel or simply need referrals for your favorite programs, WorkedBD is definitely the place to come and have your small tasks assigned to thousands of active Workers who are always ready to complete your job.

Can I be a Worker and Employer at the same time?

Absolutely, signing up to WorkedBD allows you take "microjobs". At the same time, when you have projects (campaigns) you wish to run, you can use the same account to do so. You simply have to click on the Start a Campaign option, and post your job. What's more, you can use your earnings as a Worker to fund your campaign as an Employer.